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Antonio T Smith Jr

Destiny, Six

Inclusivity Is The Core

In "I Am Not Your Black America," MeShorn Daniels undertakes a profound mission to shift the conversation on race, identity, and the entrenched societal labels that have long dictated the parameters of discourse. This book is not just a narrative but a beacon, illuminating the path toward a radical reevaluation of how we perceive and interact with the constructs of race. Daniels, with unparalleled precision, dissects the fabric of these labels that have historically divided us, inviting the reader into a deeply engaging dialogue that transcends conventional narrative forms. His prose is not merely candid; it's a clarion call for introspection and tangible action, challenging us to reexamine our perceptions and commit to the systemic changes required for true justice and inclusivity. What sets Daniels apart is his exceptional talent for intertwining personal narratives with expansive societal observations, positioning him not just as an author but as a visionary. He offers a lens into a future where unity in diversity is not just an ideal but a lived reality. His debut does more than confront uncomfortable truths; it does so with a courage that marks his voice as critical in the ongoing dialogue about race and equality. Daniels dares to envision an America where the diversity of its people is its greatest strength. Drawing from my journey in exploring similar themes in "ReSegregation Volume II," Daniels's insights strike a profound chord. His work is not merely complementary to the discourse—it's indispensable, echoing a shared conviction that through our united efforts, a transformative societal shift is not just possible but imminent. "I Am Not Your Black America" transcends its form as a book; it's a manifesto for those driven to enact change, casting a light on the road toward a society that embraces inclusivity at its core. Daniels's bravery, vision, and the indelible impact of his message have left an indelible mark on my understanding and approach to these critical issues. This book is a pivotal testament to the power of narrative to catalyse change, an essential read for anyone dedicated to the pursuit of racial equity and understanding. Daniels’s work invites us not just to read but to act, echoing a sentiment that resonates deeply within the pages of my own work. It's a reminder that the journey toward racial justice and equity is a shared one, requiring the collective will and action of us all.

William Neeley

Theatrical Play Producer

Taking Pride As Descendants of American Slaves

"After reading this enlightening 'blueprint' of a book, I have come to identify myself as a descendant of American slaves. This revelation has inspired me to embrace this ancestral heritage with pride, while also helping me to reject the stigma traditionally associated with being labeled 'black'. It has empowered me to challenge stereotypes, such as the belief that being 'black' is synonymous with being 'hood', or that seeking education and self-improvement is akin to being labeled an 'Uncle Tom'. Furthermore, I am now able to see clearly that the reparations criteria implemented by state governments are not confirming our heritage as descendants of American slaves, rather it is more about getting retribution from the slave owners."

Dr. Luonne Abram Rouse

American Clergy Leadership Conference

A Profound Journey of Identity and Empowerment

I Am Not Your Black America" is an essential read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Decendants of Ametican Slaves, so-called Black American experience and the ongoing struggle for racial justice. Me’Shorn Floyd Daniels’s introspection, passion, and commitment to empowering others make this book a compelling call to action. It serves as a powerful reminder that each individual has the capacity to shape their own narrative and contribute to a more equitable future. In summary, "I Am Not Your Black America" is a captivating and enlightening book that challenges readers to reflect on their own biases, confront systemic racism, and actively work towards building a more inclusive society. Me’Shorn Floyd Daniels’s personal journey and powerful storytelling make this book a must-read for those seeking inspiration, understanding, and a call to action.

Rev Mama Joy

Community Minister of Joy

Standing Without The Hate

The writing of history in the absence of us participating in the writing of our history is nothing new. Until now we as a people have been evolving through labels as Black, negro, Colored, Afro American, African American like ships without a sail or destination in the Waters of America. Now there is a voice from the grass root surfacing and someone standing without the hate after his ship sunk now rising sounding a new day . I am not your Black. The flunkies have always been there. What’s new is you MeShorn!

Sonny Fisback

Author, "Plant a New Seed" Amazon

Character is the key!

I like the way Meshon was so careful to point out how important it is to research Ancestorial Character, rather than just being proud of a certain color & expression. Black American. Actually, character is more important than just color.

Angela Jackson-Brown

Global Interventions Ventures in Education

I Am A Spirit Being Of Light Having A Human Being Global Phenomenal Experience On Earth

Uncle Me’Shorn has accomplished an exquisite profound transformational contribution to the Global Human Paradigm shift of how we perceive our human existence on Earth. He boldly confronts the inhumane reality of what it means to be of African Descendants of slave. Very few of our people have confronted and engaged the Global audience of defining and eloquently stating who am I. This book written by Uncle Me’Shorn, depicts and challenges the human race to confront their existence of who am I? I am not a man made title defined by racial divide. That was imposed on us by the few that rule the many. This is a must read by all people regardless of the ethiniticy, gender, sex our color of your skin. We are all part of the Global people of the Human Species, not a color called black, white, or red skinned people.

Michael Spencer

Voice Actor (spencervoiceworks.com)

Draw Your Own Conclusions

I Am Not Your Black, America” is a must-read book for anyone who is trying to understand where we are today and how we’ve gotten here. It explores and explains many concepts regarding the “color construct” and how it manifests itself in the personal/individual lives of both black and white Americans. The author, (Uncle MeShorn Daniels), dives head on into many very controversial subjects related to the black experience in America and how we (American Descendants of Slaves) do self-harm by “following the herd”, (group think), regarding individualism and political thought! His is a great story of individual achievement and overcoming the odds to become a successful, thoughtful, and productive American. Uncle MeShorn is an activist, a provocateur, and most importantly a person who genuinely cares about others. He loves his Country and wants us all to “do better”! He puts himself out there for all to examine and learn from. I encourage everyone to read the book, learn from it, and draw your own conclusions!

Charles Daniels

Self-Realization Strategist ( Life Coach)

The Reality of Self-Growth

Each of us have a destiny worth fulfilling, and we must give life to it so that we can free ourselves from the self-imposed limitations we give life to. Meshorn’s book “I’m Not Your Black, America does just that. The message shares his hurts and his recovery letting us know life situation that WERE, does not have to be situations that ARE in one’s life. Any individual struggling to obtain JOY and PEACE in this life can. Meshorn’s message give’s reality, better yet release feelings that stops hindering one’s growth. Allowing them to be open for change and begin giving life to their self-worth for growth. Human Wisdom or SPIRITUAL WISDOM were the choices revealed to me in my reading and a choice of one or the other had to be made, and it shows that Meshorn chose the SPIRITUAL, freeing himself to grow and be in a position to help others do the same. “I’m Not Your Black, America” is a must read for anyone seeking growth and stability in their life.

Ray Barker

Sir Friendly "C"

Critical Thinking

Personally, I didn’t give much thought to the concept of color construct because as a baby boomer it was just socially acceptable to labor on your own, either as black or white, but when MeShorn, the author, breaks it down, you start thinking critically and it seems to make a lot of sense. I really like his book and I give it two thumbs up.

Shahram Sedehi

Web Developer

Lead By Character, Not Color

MeShorn Daniels, has put to pen a prophetic book, and yet very pragmatic in how to restore the present polarized (the divide into two conflicting groups) America! His audience is the leadership of both opposing sides. And, His solution is “lead by character and not color”. Being a descendant of an emancipated American Slave, he sees the leadership in the community of his ancestry ineffective at best. The more they lead centered on color (“black”) the more they get to cover up the issues of their own character and or the character of those who are opposing their initiatives, namely “the whites”. It is a lose lose battle. The real issues gets lost in a made up war based on “color”. Polarization happens when wining and losing is not based on personal integrity, but who do you side with. MeShorn tells a story of a young boy from his community that enthusiastically informs MeShorn that the powerful Egyptian Pharaohs were “black”. Then MeShorn responds, “were those Pharaohs, good folks or bad folks?”, The boy looks at MeShorn in bewilderment, as if why would that even be a question!

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